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Are you looking for cost of hosting a Destination Wedding in Chennai?

Did you know this is being searched by at least 500 other couples every month who have just thought of planning a wedding in Chennai. Without overwhelming yourself with too many ideas, lets have a close look at what are the major cost components while you plan a destination wedding in Chennai.

How Costing works and what should be the approximate budget?

1. Stay / Accommodation

Accomadation Rate Per Room (Approx) Well this is one major element
5* Deluxe Resort
12000 ++
Sheraton Grand/ Intercontinental/ Taj Fshermans's Cove
5 Star
10000 ++
Radisson Temple Bay
4 Star
MGM Beach Resort/ Ideal Beach Resort/
3 Star
5000 ++
Shelter/Mamala/Blue Bay
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destination_wedding_in_chennai 2021-10-08 at 3.12.25 PM

This is subject to auspicious dates and Public Holiday which are anyway costlier across the year.Tax rates differ from Hotel to Hotel but could be anywhere from 18% to 28%) which could possibly include breakfast. You might even get discounts on Spa/Laundry etc as a deal.

Tip : You may do a quick Google and find several Hotel booking websites where you may come across VERY low prices, don’t get much excited … these rates are generally available for just a few Rooms and Group bookings are not allowed. Rates may even have no cancellation and 100% pre deposit policy.

Another Tip : If you feel you can explore the right contacts for all the Resorts to negotiate best of deal, go ahead and start mailng/calling them. If not, rely on consolidator/Travel Agents or your wedding planner to do that for you. The Hotels as a policy do not double quote and if you have contacted first, your Travel Agent/ Wedding Planner does not stand a fair chance to negotiate for you. The Hotels offer to stay an extra Adult or 2 Kids below 12 years in same Room and charge for it.

Calculation of cost is very straight forward

Number of Rooms X Number of Nights X Budget = Cost/budget of stay (approx)

Example Table

Rooms (75) 2 Nights 75 7500 1125000
destination_wedding_in_chennai 2021-10-08 at 1.57.10 PM (3)

2. Venue, Food & Drinks

Deciding upon the Venue and cost of hiring venue, food and drinks form the second largest component.

Most of the 5* Resorts offer some sort of outdoor or indoor venues, however if required there are independent venues also available in different settings like sea facing lawns, semi private beach area, indoor banqueting halls.

Depending upon the Resort and menu, Gala Lunch/Dinner costs anywhere from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 4500 per person, Top Line 5* Resorts have the most exorbitant prices for food which may not guarantee the quality and taste in same proportion.

Regular buffet meals could be anything from Rs. 1200 to 2500 per person.

Tip : If you opt to stay at the same Resort where wedding events have to be held, there is some advantage in terms of getting a free of cost venue. Otherwise each and every venue could be on chargeable basis.

To calculate cost of Food, you must decide upon how many simple buffet Lunches/Dinners are you hosting and how many events are you planning for a Gala Dinner?

As far as Drinks (beverages like Water, Soft Drinks, Juices, Liquor, Wine, Mixers etc) are concerned, generally couples opt to pay as per actual consumption. Hotels offer special Bottle rates and do not charge per drink.

3. The venue setup & decoration

This typically includes setting up the venue, Mandap, floral decoration and arrangements, Welcome entrances, Stages & backdrops, illumination & ambiance lighting, Table decoration, Props, Table linens & runners, dressed chairs with tie back and most of stuff related to it.

Tip : Before you contact a Wedding Planner or a Decorator you should do some research about the style and scale of decor you are visualizing. This would ensure that you are on same page while discussing the budget and costs.

Wedding Planners work with local Decorators and Florists to deliver what you are looking for, they would give you ideas based on your preferences and taste.

for a 2-3 days of events earmarking Rs. 8,00,000 to 2500000 is advisable. This budget is spent over Setup, furniture, Linens, Flowers, Mood lighting and Candles, Sound setup, Power supply etc.

If you are taking up a complete Resort and planning to give it a festive look across the days, you must be talking about atleast 20- 30 lakhs of budget for this part (200 guests).

Tip : Combining the functions like Mehndi & Sangeet, Wedding Ceremony and Reception Dinner is always a good idea to keep a check on budget.

More Tip : When you are opting for a destination wedding, you are already talking about beautiful aesthetics of place. Try to limit yourself to a minimalistic and tasteful decoration.

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4. Music, DJ, Entertainment

Wide variety of choices available from the celebrity DJs with top professionals equipment to the local best of DJs with real good sound & setup from Goan Bands, Gazal Singers, Mimicry Artists to Laser Shows, African Acrobats, Russian Belly Dancers.

All this range from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 500000 per show.

Most of the popular entertainment you would find available locally in Goa as its the hub of Artists and entertainers. If required this could be sourced in from any part of country or even world.

Tip : Consult your family about what kind of shows are you happy with during the wedding festivities. You might even have your own friends & family performing some acts.

destination_wedding_in_chennai 2021-10-08 at 3.12.24 PM
destination_wedding_in_chennai 2021-10-08 at 1.57.10 PM

These days you require to obtain a PPL and an IPRS license to play any kind of Music in your Wedding/Events. Your Wedding Planner or the Hotel may help in obtaining these licenses from the authorised Agencies in Chennai. This is a costlier bit and cost as per the number of guests in gathering. Consider Rs. 39000 per day for this atleast. Remember it is a must to obtain this license, failing to which your Party may be completely ceased.

5. Photography/Video, we call it Story telling


We have worked with not only Indian but top of the line International Photojournalists & Cinematographers and you may even opt for can also local talent. More and more couples are opting for this fresh approach of candid Photography and Wedding Cinematography.

Rs. 150000 to Rs. 750000 per day is pretty much standard rate these days to cover the stills & video for your wedding. Larger the team and more the experience, higher would be the rates.

Ask your wedding planner to suggest you atleast 3 options, see their portfolio and offers and decide on it.

Tip : Its better to have one team for Stills and Video since its cost effective and overall the results are much better. Also along with candid Photography you should opt for atleast 1 assistant Photographer who would do posed shots and make sure all your relatives & friends are covered.

Local Photographers & Video guys (not with candid approach but more of posed ones) using quality HD equipments would also be around Rs. 50000- 100000 per day.

Once you have done the exact itinerary of your wedding festivities, you may ask for a package to cover the entire event.

6. Transportation to Chennai & within Chennai

Transportation to Chennai is generally paid by the guests individually so I would skip it.

Transportation within Chennai may be involved from collecting the guests from Airport / Railway Station to transporting them at any outside venues, taking them for trip around to dropping them back for back Home.

You may hire individual Cars for flexibility however if the idea is to travel together you may opt for good 22/32 Air conditioned Coaches.

Cars may cost Rs. 1500 to 3000 per day (Max 80 Kms or 8 hours of running) while A/C Coaches range from Rs. 5000 to 10000 per day.

If there are multiple picking points, you would require a Transport Manager with the Wedding Planner team to ensure things run smooth.

7. More costs

You must be tired reading about the costs and have already been into impression that Wedding is a BIG cost already , well indeed it is!

There are several elements which would be present as per your preference and budget. Be it Wedding Procession (Baraat), you may ask for an Indian band, a Horse, a Vintage Car or an Elephant or may be happy with a decorated Auto-Rickshaw. Choice is all yours, come out with creative ideas to save cost here.

Beautician, hmmm I know Brides reading this must think it as the TOP priority element!! There are good Make up Artists and Salon in Chennai, you may also opt for some very good ones ex Mumbai. If you happened to visit Chennai beforehand, taking up a trial is most recommended. Similar is the case with Mehndi Artists.

Return Favors or Gifts, welcome notes, customized stationary, Fireworks, Wedding Cake, Use & throw Cameras, Chinese Umbrellas, Magician for Kids, baby Sitters, Tarrot Card reader, Astrologer, Caricature Artist, Snake charmer, Live bangle maker ….list is never ending!

So whats the overall budget?

Lets assume you are looking to host 2 days wedding festivities for 150 guests at a middle range 5* Beach Resort, you should ideally be spending Rs. 40 to 50 lakh all inclusive. This broad budget doesn’t cover any cost traveling to Chennai.

If you settle with a 4* Resort, the same would be reduced to Rs. 20-30 lakh while if you feel that you want a premium option in terms of stay/meals and everything, the budget would jump to Rs. 70 lakh to 1.25 crore.

Believe me if you are looking to spend even more, there is a possibility of very special suppliers like

To wrap it up, if you decide to hire a Wedding Planner who would help you with all the information in details, get more crazy and innovative ideas, manage the suppliers, interact with your guests, be on site to coordinate everything, save you some bucks (or help you taking out worth of every penny spent), you have to incorporate the cost of Wedding Planner as well.

I hope the above information would help you ascertaining some ballpark figure for the overall budget and how would you like it to be spent into various major components. If you are still not too sure and wish to explore in more details .

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